A Home for Spyros the Seagull

Ένα σπίτι για τον Σπύρο τον Γλάρο

Soft puppet show for World Puppet Day, Ioannina in northern Greece

Photos: Kariofillis Gro

Here we see Spyros in full fling! Appearing in the premier show ‘A Home for Spyros the Seagull’ which I performed with the incredible folk at Antrala Puppet Theater.

The show was performed in Greek! I’d written cue cards which Andrianna translated into Greek for our fellow puppeteers, Sokratis and volunteers from Antrala for prompts to ad-lib on. The show told a story of poor Spyros trying to make a nest from sticks, only for a passing dog to run away with… from take away food packaging and even a found marionette puppet. The show starred my latest puppet Pat the Dog alongside Little Gob, Old Man, Fotis, Μαύρο αφράτο πράγμα, the Purple Hippo and of course Spyros, who was performed by myself.

Sokratis with Pistachio! (aka Little Gob)
Andrianna meets the audience after the show with her puppet Μαύρο αφράτο πράγμα

Sokratis from Antrala Puppet Theater with volunteers Φαίδρα, Αθηνά, Eleni, Ελευθερία, Ρουμπελ, ευη and Γκοτση.

Rehearsal time at Antrala Puppet Theater!



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