About Patrick

Both an affluent sculptor and a puppet artist, Patrick Amber stars alongside his troupe of fanciful hand-crafted puppets as true revolutionaries of the art world. Using his many years of creative experience combined with dedicated compassion towards pro-social initiatives, Patrick has devoted his cause towards bringing together entire communities of people from all walks of life.

Following his graduation with a fine arts degree in Exeter, Patrick took his artistic journey to a new level when he settled in Sheffield to become a renowned community artist. From there he now spends much of his time organising enriching activity workshops for children and running supporting shows to entertain and engage young minds.

As a public platform, Patrick’s work has led to the creation and showcasing of many major public group projects. Whether that be from working with school children to help paint beautiful colourful murals or designing elaborate willow-lantern sculptures, Patrick always has his mind on how to next bring joy and inspiration to his projects. In doing so, his vibrant enthusiasm has touched the hearts of not only those at home but also in local cultures across the world. Much of his work; either from personal exhibitions or as part of his wider community-affiliated projects, has been staged in Bulgaria and Greece as well as the UK.

As part of this endeavour, one of Patrick’s most prominent achievements began In 2017 when Patrick was able to successfully launch the inspired crowdfunding campaign, “Puppets For Refugees”, which aimed to bring his puppet-building passions to Greece. This campaign aimed to work alongside refugee communities and immigrants living in makeshift camps and temporary lodgings, where recreation and activities were sparse and desperately needed. By generating crowdfunding from the general public, he was able to bring dreams to life, hosting workshops in cafes around Athens and Ioannina, offering support to local communities and providing crafts activities for those operating on low budget.

Patrick shares a quote about his experience working alongside the youth in art as a result of his work on the “Puppets For Refugees” Project:

“The value of small groups engaging in creative activities should never be under-estimated: To draw, paint, make and perform/be performed to; to bring a few children together, away from everyday life and its’ troubles to draw birds or make shadow puppet fish – to share and do something, make something good together; show it off and laugh and run around and play is marvellous.”

Aside from undertaking commissions, Patrick runs various workshops for other organisations including Sheffield Flourish, Sheffield Theatres and Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR

In 2022, Patrick received a ‘Best Frontline Playworker Award in the UK’ from Pitsmoor Adventure Playground where he works regularly as their Artist in Residence.