At Access Space, people interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and more, meet like-minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects.

You can read more about Access-Space, HERE

My introduction to Access-Space

Nearly a decade has passed since I became driven to make puppets from junk. My inspiration part thanks from my introduction to Access-Space, when I attended a ‘Build a Robot’ workshop where we salvaged ‘dead’ components from computers and made robot-figures. I was struck by the immediacy and ease in creating such colourful characters.

My eyes were opened and I became transfixed. Rubbish suddenly became ‘free puppet materials’ and Puppets: the start of a new direction.

Drawn To Digital

I learnt much more besides puppets at Access. It was here I was introduced to Open Source Software and in particular GIMP digital manipulation programme.

I also gave a talk and slideshow of my work at one of Access’ Show and Tell presentations.


In 2008 had a solo show at Access-Space, called ‘subpower’ A collection of 12 digitally transformed photographs I’d taken of pylons and industrial structures. See more HERE


Whist at Access, I developed a version of ‘GIMP-Tennis’ that I called ‘Outbox’ People were invited. on-line to download an image, add to it and repost it for the next person. Some very bizarre compositions were created!

20×20 Group Exhibitions

Every year Access hosts 20×20, Sheffield’s answer to the Summer Exhibition. 20×20 is a group exhibition where anyone can show their work, as long as it fits within 20×20 inches. See more HERE

20×20 made a great impression on me and I think many others. What I like and often rant about 20×20 is, that it incisively cuts through the pretentiousness and elitism of exhibiting art and it’s true to Access’ namesake, helping make the creating and exhibiting of art accessible and empowering.

I have exhibited in 7 annual 20×20 shows hosted by Access-Space.