Shadow Puppets

Turtles tales of Kefalonia

Caretta-caretta or the loggerhead turtle swims the seas around Kefalonia. Adonis. Sometime ago, I was hanging out with my mate John in the college bar in Exeter. We were at […]

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo for refugees Whilst visiting Lesvos earlier this year, I offered to run a shadow puppet activity at Pikpa, open refugee camp; a self-organised, autonomous space run by volunteers. I […]


Whilst walking the streets of Athens, absorbing the traffic (and fumes!) and gaining inspiration for my next shadow puppet venture, Traffic, I found myself curiously distracted by dumpsters. Not surprising […]

Hissing goose

I’m not a moose or a goose on the loose The hissing goose made its’ first appearance in my shadow puppet play, Going Underground at the Shadow Banquet. A small card […]

Traffic – Athens

Shadow Puppet Workshop – Saturday 27 January 2018 I teamed up with my good friend and musician Vagelis Alexopoulos to run a shadow puppet workshop in at steki in Petralona, […]

Puppets in Plovdiv

End of the year in Bulgaria and time to take a break with friends in Plovdiv, but no break from puppeteering! After performing at Shadow Puppet Shows for Children in […]

Dreams on Wheels, Bulgaria

Upon arriving in Sofia last December, I ran shadow puppet making workshops for two weeks with children attending English lessons at Dreams on Wheels (Мечти на колела) and Elen School, after-school […]

Shadow Banquet

Following on from the success of the Shadow Cabaret, we (Martin, Gary and myself) booked a new venue, The Toolmakers for November 25th and invited everyone along to the Shadow […]

Shadow Cabaret

Last summer I teamed up with best friends Martin Currie and Gary Manton and my sister, Sarah. We performed shows on our large screen at the Fireside Housing Co-op’s annual […]

Going Underground

Going Underground came out of an idea my friend Robin had about a sub-terrain shadow puppet show. This really stuck a chord with me. I loved the possibilities this opened […]

Treasure on Samothraki

While making puppets in Athens, I listened to tales of a special place called Samothraki, a small island in the northern Aegean sea. map This month I went there and met […]

Everything Is Possible

  May 2014 and my first public shadow puppet appearance in collaboration with Zoe Wright. We set it up at the top of the stairs at Victoria Works, a community […]