Devil’s Head


Yet another great commission for hyperdelic techno stalwarts, Planet Zogg! I’m proud to say, I’ve danced on Planet Zogg’s surface since its’ birth at the turn of the century – on and off for the last 17 years! Their cosmic powers were so strong and influential, that I made the giant leap from my regular employment to my true vocation as an artist. Something I’ll always be grateful for. In the early years of the new millennium, I fervently painted ultra-violet/fluorescent decor scenes for their nights. See more in my folio: Underground Visuals

Last year, I was commissioned to make a 3-dimensional piece for their annual, Halloween Ball: A devil’s head!

The devil’s head leaving for Planet Zogg
Planet Zogg & Mango Disco came together for some spooky cosmic shenanigans with an epic three roomed all night Halloween Ball. In the mind warping Zogg vortex: DJ RIGEL (Ovnimoon) flew in especially from Greece.
Photo: Chris Frolish

Resistance is futile!


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