Puppets in Plovdiv

End of the year in Bulgaria and time to take a break with friends in Plovdiv, but no break from puppeteering! After performing at Shadow Puppet Shows for Children in Sofia, Tanya, Mila and me decided to give a revitalised rendition of ‘Mole in a Hole’ at the cosy Gramophone Hostel we stayed at.

Photos of puppets by Mila Yolova

This time we presented our show in English alone (with added animal noises!) and took more time to show the puppets – some of which had to be remade.

Mila stepped in as co-puppeteer to introduce our show.

Two people in the audience came up after and said how the colourful duck had brought back lovely childhood memories and that the narration and animal noises were great!

Puppeteers in Plovdiv

After an evening of performing, it was time to get on with seeing the new year in, so we took to the streets and found a party in the square with Stefan Valdobrev and the Usual Suspects, recharge our batteries and explore Plovdiv.

Happy New Year 2018


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