Location and Special effects

Rotating Shadow Projector

The inspiration came from looking up at a lampshade and playing with the torch on my phone. Pleased with the effect, I considered how to develop it to create a moving background effect (puppet walks/runs on the spot). I’m looking at various means of rotating the drum: 3 wheel dolly (Toolstation £7); Lazy Susan; motorised rotator. I have a selection of lights to try starting with the torch on my mobile phone (which worked well in the lampshade). I will try cut-out card silhouette trees; detailed with paint/marker pens; ink and coloured cellophanes (and anything else worth testing) positioned onto the drum: a layer of wet-strength tissue paper/PVA or clear cellophane. I may try projected images (my art and photos). I’d like the whole project to be as handmade as possible, though obviously take advantage of whatever equipment, devices and technology is at hand to make a top quality show. A fusion between traditional and contemporary techniques, handcrafted designs and digital tech.

Woodland scenes and trees have features in some of my past shadow puppet shows and mixed media artwork. Blurring the boundaries of different puppetry and image/video making techniques: using coloured cellophane, plastic bottles and drawing on clear plastic sheets to add detail – Whatever’s at hand!

Birds Are Angry


Artist’s impression

How I imagine the clearing in the woods would look, with the campfire and old caravan. I had thought of turning a cardboard box into a more modern caravan, but my as I shared the idea with my sister, she produced a sturdy cardboard barrel perfect for the job.

Outside location

Possibly: Crabtree Woods, Sheffield.

A lighthouse would turn the pond into an ocean! Of course, I’d need to build a boat…


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