Rubbish Puppets Gallery

Welcome, welcome to my Rubbish Puppets Gallery! As you will see, not all these characters are strictly puppets – not even rubbish ones, but I’m sure if I pulled a few strings in the right places, they soon would be!

Room 1 Cats and Mice

Irritated by my housemate’s abandoned PlayStation controllers lying around, I took one in my hand in contempt, only to find I was cradling a rather cute, cats head! I raced to the kitchen, grabbed an old iron to vent my anger, but alas, the iron became a body! The two useless objects met: I’d made a cat. There was to be no turning back. Soon after, I curated ‘Patrick Amber’s Catrap’ – an interactive residency and exhibition at Bank Street Arts in 2010. For 3 weeks, visitors came and made cat and mouse themed assemblages from my abundant supply of trashed techno-gimmicks, broken toys and plastic tat. We then duly exhibited our ‘rubbish creations’ on the walls of one of Sheffield’s finest art galleries. Some of which, you will find here.

Room 2 The Evolution of Rubbish Puppets

The symbiotic relationship of Rubbish and Puppets takes me in many directions: exploring different puppet techniques and the utilisation of free, found stuff/materials.

Happening Now!

Weekly Rubbish Puppet Making workshops on Fridays at ‘Journey Without Map’, Petralona, Athens. Free to attend/contribution towards cost appreciated. For adults and younger makers.

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