Shadow Theatre Athens

During the hot summer weeks in Athens, I followed my dream of performing with my puppets in the streets! Together with Andrianna, we adapted the Greek tragedy, Orpheus and Eurydice into a shadow puppet show.

To accompany this, we decided to have a support show; something lighter and appealing to a younger audience. For this we developed a new character…

Solaris the Hedgehog

The shadow theatre

My aspirations expanded and before long, we were painting and making a pop-up theatre from large pieces of cardboard and half a white bedsheet.

When I added the squirrel, I thought we needed a peephole, to see how our audience is. The squirrel’s eye was just at the right position! The theatre comes apart and packs away into an easy carrying case. Everything else we need fits into two small rucksacks and a folder for the puppets. Very portable and easy to set up!

We performed a few nights in Thiseio and Dionysiou Areopagitou, facing the mighty Acropolis.


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