In the late summer of 2021, I was commissioned to make a starling which would act as screen to show video mappings and audio for the Wayne Sables Project for a weekend installation for the DN Light Festival at Doncaster Minster. What a treat!

I made the structure with a few hazel branches from the cemetery, used lantern willow and paper mache and then a layer of white emulsion with the back painted deep, dark blue. It had a magnificent wingspan of four meters. I was able to construct it in my local chapel. Much thanks to the Friends of Burngreave Chapel and Cemetery.

Here’s a short video showing how I made it. With a song by my brother Richard!

Landed safely at Doncaster Minster

Stormy Weather!

Tragically, storms hit Doncaster at the weekend, which meant the whole event had to be cancelled! Luckily the event and my starling survived the VIP preview night.

I learnt later that Wayne was expecting a smaller, 2-dimensional starling-shaped screen to project onto. Fortunately, he was thrilled with my interpretation!

DN Festival of Light 2021