Little Gob, Big Heart

Little Gob came into my life the summer of 2016. In the spring, I was commissioned to make four goblin puppets for a Labyrinth themed, Sneaky Experience event. I was […]

Hissing goose

I’m not a moose or a goose on the loose The hissing goose made its’ first appearance in my shadow puppet play, Going Underground at the Shadow Banquet. A small card […]

Puppets in Plovdiv

End of the year in Bulgaria and time to take a break with friends in Plovdiv, but no break from puppeteering! After performing at Shadow Puppet Shows for Children in […]

Dreams on Wheels, Bulgaria

Upon arriving in Sofia last December, I ran shadow puppet making workshops for two weeks with children attending English lessons at Dreams on Wheels (Мечти на колела) and Elen School, after-school […]