A Home for Spyros the Seagull

Ένα σπίτι για τον Σπύρο τον Γλάρο Soft puppet show for World Puppet Day, Ioannina in northern Greece Here we see Spyros in full fling! Appearing in the premier show […]

Soft Puppets back in Athens!

I could hardly return to Athens without running more workshops at my favourite kafeneio. We enjoyed a fantastic first workshop making puppet heads out of foam, using a Muppet-style template […]

Treasure on Samothraki

While making puppets in Athens, I listened to tales of a special place called Samothraki, a small island in the northern Aegean sea. map This month I went there and met […]

Puppets for Refugees 7

Time to paint I love working with puppets but sometimes I need a break! Fortunately I’m as passionate about painting – and when this is a collaborative project, especially with […]