Turtles tales of Kefalonia

Caretta-caretta or the loggerhead turtle swims the seas around Kefalonia. Adonis.

Sometime ago, I was hanging out with my mate John in the college bar in Exeter. We were at art college there, doing our fine art degrees. 35 years later and we’re sitting around sipping Fredo expresos and catching up in Kefalonia. We hadn’t seen each other in all that time and only reconnected recently thanks to our mutual friend, Michelle who I kept in touch with. John moved to Kefalonia some 18 years ago. As I was heading back to Athens in the new year, this gave me the opportunity to pop over and say hello.

Kefalonia is such a beautiful island and I arrived at the peak of spring

Beach finds

A swordfish or sawfish?

Fish from the beach finds